Where to meet the Tauros

You can already meet the Tauros. You can actually walk amidst a herd of these impressive animals on different locations in Europe. And - without real danger as long as you act according to certain rules of behaviour. While walking in between the big animals you can get a glimpse of the impression the original animals must have made on our far predecessors: the people living in the times of the cave-paintings of Chauvet, Lascaux or Altamira. And you can observe what they are actually doing: grazing, sleeping, mating, fighting: doing all the things wild bovines do. And of course you can observe what this does on the long run to the landscape and the biodiversity. Instead of highly productive meadows with just one species of grass, you can see the parklike landscape evolve (if you take some time). Of course they are not perfect yet, but impressive enough to get the idea where we are heading for.

These are the places you can find them:

In the Netherlands

In other places in Europe: