Keent area, the Netherland

Keent is the area where it all started. It's situated in the province of Noord-Brabant, between the towns of Grave and Ravestein in the Netherlands. The area is owned by Brabants Landschap. Taurus foundation and Brabants Landschap cooperate in developing a rewilded riverine landscape along the Meuse river. You can visit the area and actually walk through the Tauros-herd of approximately 120 animals and get a bit of the wild feeling already. And in addition you can see the feral Exmoor ponies, grazing there as well. 

undefinedA mixed herd of Tauros and Exmoor horses in Keent, 2015


2nd generation (young) Tauros in Keent

Since april 2015 there's a small visitor's centre as well, dedicated to the history of the area and the Tauros Programme (Zuijdenhoutstraat 2, 5371RB Keent).


Visitor's centre Keent