The Pajuna is a rare cattle breed from Andalucía in Southern Spain, with a long-legged athletic body, allowing them to move around the terrain with great ease. Pajuna bulls can reach up to 165 cm shoulder height. The horns, especially of the bulls, are facing forwards and have a light colour with a dark tip. Bulls are dark brown to black with a light eel stripe, while the cows are reddish-brown with a long face. Mitochondrial DNA studies, carried out as part of the Tauros programme, showed that the Pajuna is also very close to aurochs. They are able to survive under harsh conditions and on poor forage. High in the Spanish Sierra Nevada they live mostly from thorny shrubs. And in the lowland valleys they are known to survive on semi-desert- like vegetation, if needed. The breed adapts easily to changing circumstances, which is also an ancient trait. In Andalucía they are frequently kept in larger areas, with a natural herd structure.