Scientific committee

The Tauros Programme has a scientific committee. In the committee we have experts on cattle-breeds, breeding and genetics. Cattle experts Marleen Felius author of 'Cattle Breeds. An encyclopedia' and dr. Cis van Vuure, author of "Retracing the Aurochs - History, Morphology and Ecology of an extinct wild Ox" are members of our committee. Furthermore dr. Hans Lenstra, chairman of the European Cattle Diversity Consortium is part of the committee as well as ass. prof. Richard Crooijmans (department of Animal Breeding and Genetics, Wageningen University). Internationally the Tauros Programme cooperates with different universities and scientific institutes: Consdabi (Italy), prof Matassino; University of Firenze, prof. Marco Masseti; University of Dublin, prof. Dan Bradley; University of California.