• animatie-foto-1.jpg
    Lascaux, where it all started
  • Faia_Brava_mei_2014.jpg
    Tauros herd in Faia Brava, Portugal
  • Boskarins_Velebit_DSC1045.jpg
    Newly arrived Boskarin cattle in Velebit, Croatia, March 2014
  • animatie-foto-2.jpg
    Sayaguesa's in Campanarios, Spain

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The Tauros is the new wild bovine, meant to populate wild areas of Europe. It's a breed in development. Here you can read more about the animal.


The Aurochs was a mighty animal. It occurred all over Europe Asia and northern Africa. Millions must have existed. But the wild animal went extinct. What did it look like? How did it behave, what did it eat. We know a lot already.


The clue to the Tauros Programme are the original breeds. In southern Europe these breeds still can be found. Often near to extinction. The Tauros Programme can only exist because farmers conserved those breeds.

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The Tauros Programme is largely being financed by private funds. Because large numbers of animals are needed we are in need of extra funding, such as for the scientific programme. Interested?